Our popular folding bikes

NCM Paris and London
are available again!
After a few weeks of waiting, they are back for sale in our webshop as usual. Well, not as usual, because the price has changed. With 1199 Euro our two top sellers are now available for 100 Euro less than before.
Not only the price speaks for a folding bike, which brings us back to the topic.

Space saver
20″ tyre, minimalist frame design and folding mechanism. These features make folding bikes a real space saver. Whether in the cellar, caravan, boot or even at home, there is always room for a “folding bike”.

Maximum flexibility
The low folding size makes folding bikes the perfect companion in “Big City Life”. Because they are so easy to stow away, they are regarded as luggage rather than bicycles on public transport. A transport bag with wheels (available in our shop) makes transport even easier.

The pocket knife among bicycles
Small, compact and versatile. These characteristics distinguish the folding bike. In addition to its size, it also stands out due to its equipment. In spite of the efficient design, the folding bike does not have to be compromised in terms of comfort, among other things due to its low access or roadworthiness. And the fact that it can be stowed almost anywhere makes it easier to protect against theft, which is becoming increasingly important with e-bikes in particular.

Folding bikes are small all-rounders and anyone who is thinking about buying a new bike should at least seriously consider doing so. Especially in the city its advantages become clear.