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Rupert Edgar

Great I love it, when I ordered it I thought it was a typical e-Bike. Power without peddeling.
Now I'm glad it isn't I need the exercise.
Beautiful bike.

NCM C5/C7 Display - E2
Andreas Mayer
Works fine

Thank you very much!


Great replacement for my twisted fork. Installing was easy.

Dangerous when it goes bad

This will be the 2nd throttle in one year. And when it goes bad, the spring stops working that keeps it disengaged.
The first time this happened, I flipped the biked over and it landed on its side with the back wheel spinning.
This time, it went full speed with me on it through a crowd of people. Thankfully the only one hurt was me with bruises from the seat and handlebars.
This throttle is a bad and dangerous design because when it wears out, the throttle is stuck fully engaged!

It's great

It's an good but damn $20 for the slowest shipping ever??? Why?

NCM Moscow
Wendy Glaess
5 stars

This bike gives me the ability to take on challenging rides that I wouldn’t have done before.

Victor Taveras
NCM C7 purchasing experience

Great price for this product. The bike arrived on time as advertised. Came well packaged with no damages, easy to put together. Just tried last weekend about 15 miles in Central Florida hill roads and the riding experience was great. Definitely will recommend this bike to a friend and will be looking for second bike for my wife

Thank You

Thank You, shipped fast love your products.. This is my third NCM Bike..

Thank you for the fast delivery and a great bike.

Great ebike Milano plus 26

Good and friendly telephone advice. Even reference to workshop in the vicinity of the home.
The delivery worked excellently within a few days. Very well packaged and pre-assembled. A super nice and well-made ebike to feel good. We are urgently waiting for delivery of a 28Rad.
Empirical values will follow.

Highly recommend

Great bike, great service, even runs so smoothly I'm thrilled and would buy again. Thank you

Worth every penny 👍🏻

I'm so glad I bought this bike. I ride normal tours, flat and some incline, not an extreme mountain. This trekking is perfect for my claims. I have now emptied a charge, 110 km with level 6 to empty. So there would have been 120-130 in it, with an average of 2 connections (only higher on the incline) that's quite enough. Sure, it's relative, that's what matters. It's a good mix of city and terrain. Display super easy to use, good to read. Gears, brakes, everything is really easy to handle. There is nothing that does not fit. For me as a light off-road rider, for which it is intended, really perfect. Delivers everything it promises. I saw the test in advance and it hits 100%. Best purchase ever and worth every penny. By the way, Leon's service is really great, it's fun with so much friendliness and really good service. I'm so happy about the bike every time. By the way, I came to Leon through a friend who also drives one. For years and many km. For me, the best test example. Everything is fine, never problems, and also worth every penny for city and easy terrain. I recommend full 100% and say thank you🙏🏻👍🏻🙌🏻

Satisfied customer

Wheel was delivered well packaged and in perfect condition.
The rest of the assembly was easy.
Drives and shifts well.

NCM Moscow Plus

We purchased the NCM Moscow 29 E bike from Leon Cycles earlier this month. Communication was via 'Whatsapp' which I initially thought a little odd but worked out well. Once communication established the transaction was completed quickly and easily. We were able to arrange for the team to assemble the bike for us and we picked it up from the warehouse without an issue. We love the bike and are continuing to find new places to discover using it. Competitive price and great service.

Exceeded expectations!!

Super satisfied! The bafang engine is really super quiet and great in handling. We were also very pleasantly surprised by the frame and all the components installed on it! Looks high-quality and it is! The quick closure on the handlebars is also great! Very well thought out and practical! Would buy it again at any time and can recommend it without hesitation!

NCM Milano
Heinz K
A very good bike with top equipment at an unbeatable price

The bike is absolutely great, was delivered quickly and goes off like a rocket, my father is 100% satisfied, before that, my brother-in-law and my colleague bought the Moscow mountain bike version, both are also very satisfied.

NCM Milano Plus

In September 2016 we bought the folding bikes Paris and London, and are still
very satisfied with them, we now only use them on vacation, because they fit well in the trunk, so far we have driven 10 000 km with them, and apart from brakes and tires we have not had any repairs
on them,
let's see if we have just as much luck with the Milano.


Ordered my Moscow M3 between Christmas and NewYear turned up in 6 working days. Wife has been out & Happy more times than the whole of last year. She loves it and we are riding together ( me pedaling) Lots of Praise from us both & others that see it. Cheer for a GR8 2021. Lynton

Price-performance top

I ordered the bike 4 days ago and today it arrived. Now my first impressions: it is easy to assemble, looks great, is cleanly finished and after a first short driving test I have to say, the hammer. It's totally easy to drive.
If it stays that way, I can only say thank you Leon Cycle. Now I can cycle again, despite knee problems.
Price-performance top

Milano 26 & 28

we ordered a 26 and a 28 on Monday, on Thursday they already came
, but we only drove around the parking lot once because it is quite cold.
What we have found so far, it looks very valuable, and is easy to drive.

NCM Milano plus

Bought the bike in June 2021. In the meantime I have driven over 1000kmnt
, there have been no technical defects so far. The
battery is also very powerful, driving an average of 120km. I am very
satisfied with the BIKE would buy it again, price and performance is OK.
Greetings Ufelge

Replacement battery

After “No Availability” for nearly 2 years I am glad they were returned to stock. Charged right up and seems tone working perfectly. Any Ideas what I should do with the old one which simply stoped working one day and would not respond tony on line fixes?

Garret Wachowski
Great bike for the price!

If you're looking to get into the e-bike game, this is a fantastic choice!

Nick Corr
NCM Moscow M3 Electric Mountain Bike, E-Bike, 250W, E-MTB, 48V 12Ah, 576Wh Battery [Black 29"]

I am so happy with this bike. A couple of weeks in and I'm loving every ride.

Great bike, this is my second e bike and by far the best. Watching e bikes over the last 10 years I think the Moscow 29er is fantastic. I live in the Dandenongs outside Melbourne with big steep hills and the Moscow takes them all on with great pulling power and gear range. 48v with 16 amps means over 750 watts of power. The bike is big and serious so getting on and off can be tricky but you do get used to it. With the previous bike (36v at 8amps) I was scared of running out of battery on a big hill and having to push the bike home but not with the Moscow. Also if you take the front wheel off you can get it in a hatchback like my Mazda 3 Which is nice. At $2200 it is a great buy.