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NCM M3/T3s/T3/Moscow/Milano/Aspen Charger Kit - DC482US

Milano replacement batteries.

We received the batteries in a timely fashion. They were well packaged and there was no damage. We bought extra batteries for a long ride we are planning to take this summer.

NCM Milano/Milano Plus/Venice/Venice Plus/Moscow/Moscow Plus/Aspen/Aspen Plus/Miami Replacement Battery - i5

Alexander Gubenko
Nice bike with few issues

The bike design and execution are nice. However there are quite a few little things that make it not perfect. First of all the bike ride with few scratches on frame, damaged front axis bolt and zip ties instead of proper plastic Cable Management clips. The main issue however was front breaking disc that was touching breaking pads. Fortunately support was able to respond to my inquiry and send me a replacement parts. Overall I am satisfied with the bike and would recommend to my friends.

NCM Moscow Plus
Mollie Brumbaugh

Very good

Bree-Anna John
C5 - Electric City Bike

Fantastic bike. Easy to navigate the website and great order process. Bike was delivered quickly in brilliant shape. Followed the leon cycle instructional videos to assemble the bike and it was up and running the day we bought it. Highly recommend

Jürgen Brauweiler
C5 - Electric City Bike

I bought the bike after some internet research because I think it's nonsensical to pay for a bike almost as much as for a used small car.
The e-bike brings EVERYTHING what you need as an amateur to ride a bike in hilly regions. The drive, the range, the handling are unbeatable for the price in my eyes.
My wife has already had an e-bike for 2 years, which I always smiled. I still drove her away with my non e-bike. Okay, when the climb was almost infinite, she drove around me. Now that I have bought an e-bike myself, I ride routes that I would not have chosen before.

Michael Vagg
C5 - Electric City Bike

Great quality and build by NCM. Easy to assemble from the box. You won’t be disappointed

NCM Aspen Plus Fat Electric Bike, E-MTB, E-Bike, 48V 16Ah 60Nm, 768Wh Battery

Checked several other bike retailers before settling on the Aspen + as being both value for money and a great looking bike. Looks though are irrelevant when you need performance and in this respect the off road capabilities are outstanding.
The fat oversize tyres handled rough terrain with ease and funnily enough handled my oversized body equally well. My first ever electric bike required some getting use. Unlike my Kawasaki, don't sit back and expect the bike to do all the work. Power comes on when you pedal. Finally, I do use my Aspen Plus every day to commute to work which is fine, ideally though its better suited to the trails as getting on and off at lights and intersections proved tricky but not impossible without the convenience of a step through commuter bike frame. Overall I'm well pleased with my purchase.

NCM Aspen Plus
Parth Patel
Aspen Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike

I purchased Aspen plus first and then Munich later. Very excited about the purchase since long lasting battery in Aspen and potential of enjoyment. Giving 4 stars because I started getting noise from rear brake in Aspen plus within 10kms of riding. Contacted Leon CYCLE and recommended to get the bike service which is pretty odd if you pay couple grand for a bike. I understand it's not that expensive but it should not occur in any new bike.
Ride is smoother except the seats which is average and gets uncomfortable if you go on a longer rides, same problems mentioned by a friend as well. I also noticed chain shifting between gears without changing them.

NCM Aspen Plus
Bought two bikes

We have friends that paid twice the price for similar bikes and our quality and look and performance is much better. These are a great value and the customer service was great when I had a few questions.

NCM Aspen Plus
Definition of Bang for the Buck!

Let me start by saying the customer service in this company is top notch. For every reason you hope for...
Now for the bike....
Solid, Stylish and powerful are the first three words that come to mind. Being a dirt bike rider, this monster is the perfect alternative to my gas powered polluter, and in more remote areas. I ride completely for fun now! Using the seemingly limitless power is almost intoxicating. The workout comes from farther more challenging rides.
I have all the bike I need to handle any trail. I Love the feel of a heavier, fatter more stout vehicle under me. And don’t think I haven’t had it airborne yet... and no huffing and puffing up the hills.
Hey that’s what it’s all about right?, saving your energy for the downhill.

Amazing bike Best purchase

This bike has everything I was looking for in an electric bike. It is very smooth with the suspension great feature. It takes just a little bit of time to get used to and see all the features it has to offer but after that you are going to be very pleased. The battery is very long lasting and its easy to ride I love it and my family all do as well. The breaks are very good quality you especially when the motor is running it will stop. The adjustment on velocity is great too it is very fast. I really like the bulk of the bike it gives it a sturdy, safe feeling definitely prefer this tires.

Awesome bike

I’ve ridden about 400 miles so far and haven’t had any problems at all it’s a great bike and great customer service

NCM Aspen Plus
Wenatchee Jim
Great cycle very happy customer

I purchased my Aspen+ to assist in my knee rehab. Dr agreed this would be an excellent tool. So glad I purchased this bike. Note it has 27 gears and can and often is ridden with minimal assist added.

Have put 500 miles during the quarantine and this has provided sanity in all the insanity.

Amazing Bike

Hands down an amazing bike. Everything is high quality for a great price. There costumer service was top notch as well and answered all my questions right away. Im very pleased with my bike.

NCM Aspen
Ricky robin
Love my Aspen fat bike

I am 61 years old and I am back on a bike after 40 years. Love it!

Aspen Electric Fat Tire Bike

Very satisfied with the Aspen model, with its big wheels it really goes everywhere and even on asphalt roads it's such a pleasure.
The power is present and the battery largely holds up!

NCM Aspen
Peter Hancock
Aspen Electric Fat Tire Bike

Great Christmas present, my brother is very happy looking forward to his first long ride

Great Bike, Incredible Value

I already owned a Moscow Plus so I had an idea what to expect. Great bike for Florida sandy beaches and trails. Decent quality components and the mechanical disk brakes actually work quite well, way better than the ones on my girlfriend's Lectric. I added a rear rack and bag without too much difficulty. I would prefer that either brake lever disable the motor (like the Moscow Plus), and the display isn't as nice, but all I get is compliments when I show up among the hordes of run-of-the-mill Rad and Juiced bikes. Better price and better components that most others. And I've already learned from minor issues with my Moscow+ that Leon Cycles stands behind their products and is pretty responsive.

NCM Aspen
william atkinson

awesome bike and fantastic service.i have over 1200 miles since I bought it in May. I have purchased an extra battery and charger after purchasing the bike and service was very fast.

NCM Aspen
Scott R
Great bike, Big fun!

I've had the bike for almost 2 months now, and so far I'm extremely happy with it. I do mostly short rides (30-45 minutes) and have nearly 200 miles on it now. All mechanicals and electronics work as expected. The only real criticism I have is the water bottle bracket placement, it's really dumb unless you're 7 feet tall. To be honest, I chose this product above others mainly because it was the only bike that met my criteria and was actually IN STOCK in the US, but I don't feel like I 'settled for something' at all, I would recommend it to anyone!

NCM Aspen
Byron Chavez
Good Value for a Nice bike

This bike was easy to assemble and tune.
The gears work well and shift easy.
The Fat Tires make it a very comfortable ride and add grip to all the terrain I have encountered.
I love the grips on the handlebars. They are comfortable to rest your hands on and make it so they don't fatigue.
The petal assist is nice with the six different speeds you can choose from the LED control panel.
The throttle is easy to press and I really only use it when I am starting up a hill until the petal assist kicks in.
The seat I found to be less than comfortable for an e-bike so I changed it to a wider seat that seems to be working great.
I added a phone holder in the gooseneck cover that makes it easy to have access to my phone and music.
It would be nice if there were integrated lights since it has a battery already.
There is a USB port on the battery that allows me to have a charger for my phone if I want. I suppose I could find some lights that plug into that? I will have to look.

Overall, shipping was very fast and I am happy with this bike! It is good looking and fun to ride.

NCM Milano Plus
Jack Jenefay
NCM Milano Trekking E-Bike, City-Bike, 500W, 48V 13Ah 624Wh Battery [Black 26]

Everything is great, just keen to get my off road kit

NCM Milano Plus
Joanne Filippe
NCM Milano Plus Trekking E-Bike, City-Bike, 500W, 48V 16Ah 768Wh Battery [Black 26]

Bike was easy to put together and on the first ride it was easy to figure out and use. Was very surprised by the power and the ease that it was able to be rode and that it was the best buy that I had decided to do. Very impressed and love my Milano plus