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I asked about a replacement key for my battery on my Moscow plus bike.

I asked about a replacement key for my battery on my Moscow plus bike and I was denied because I am not the original owner. Which is absolutely absurd. I purchased my bike from a person on Facebook Marketplace and they had everything with the bike including the original purchase receipt. They just did not have the battery key. Terrible service from NCM. How am I to get the battery off if I cannot get a key? Do you not want more customers? I am very dissapointed.

NCM Prague/Moscow/Aspen/M3 Throttle - T6-30

Mosco ebike

Friendly and professional

Just what I needed. Works just fine, thanks for your service.

NCM Moscow Plus
David Harvey
Great bikes

Very happy with my new M7 and wife's Moscow Plus

Thank you so much. My brother is so happy with his bike working again.

After I placed the order I didn’t receive any updates for over two weeks and had to email several people before the battery was finally shipped

I love ncm

Svp veuillez livrer vos batteries en Europe en france. Je vous en supplie. J'ai besoin d'une batterie d'urgence. Vous êtes les seul à mes vendre sur internet. J'adore mon ncm moscow m3

NCM Milano/Milano Plus/Venice/Venice Plus/Moscow/Moscow Plus/Aspen/Aspen Plus/Miami Replacement Battery - i5

Broken throttle on my Moscow plus

Ordered a new replacement throttle for my Moscow Plus while vacationing in Hilton Head, S.C …got it on time and in tact…. Wry happy with service

Is it a quick turnaround time for the parts. The parts were excellent in shape and solve my issue of lack of controller. Thank you.

Great Replacement, when . . .

These wheel / motors are great, when you can get them. They were not available for a long time (more than a year). In the meantime, I overpaid for one from a shop in Canada, (Amego); but was glad to see them again on the NCM Bike site.

Fortunately, I have workarounds because I have 3 Moscow Plus bikes; at least one is working all the time.

Troy Fowler
Best e bike ever for the price

Highly recommend. Outstanding charge and distance

Great customer service

The battery I received was damaged during shipping. Customer service was quick in response and resolving the issue. It is convenient to have service based in USA.

NCM Milano/Milano Plus/Venice/Venice Plus/Moscow/Moscow Plus/Aspen/Aspen Plus/Miami Replacement Battery - i5

Ameen Bryant-Bey
NCM Satisfaction Review

I'm enjoying this bike a lot. I'm glad I purchase it. Other than me choosing one that is very tall. I do not have any problems with it. I love the ride.

Works pretty good cord was a little shorter than the first one had to move some stuff a little closer

Purchase of battery

Fast service and delivery. My only negative is I didn’t get status updates on delivery until I sent an email request. You need some improvement there.

Brian O'Harra

This is my second NCM bike that I have purchased. The first bike was a NCM Prague. Loved it. I just sold it after riding it 4 years. I put on 1860 miles. No problems. I just purchased the NCM M3 Moscow. I really like it.
Both bike arrived quickly. Thanks again. Great bike for me!

David Gibson
An Incredible bike

I'm honestly blown away by this bike, I get compliments everywhere and even my dad who hates e-bikes admits its really cool.

I've been using this as my daily commuter for a few weeks now and it is a blast. So fast and maneuverable. Everything is really high quality, I changed out the handlebar caps to some matching race/metal ones and added a cushioned seat cover since the seat is firm. but otherwise I lvoe the bike as is. The torque sensor is really nice and smooth and the biek feels like a genuine roadbike which I love


For Moscow bikes, the Moscow Plus battery fits perfectly. And it’s had more power!

Rupert Edgar

Great I love it, when I ordered it I thought it was a typical e-Bike. Power without peddeling.
Now I'm glad it isn't I need the exercise.
Beautiful bike.

NCM C5/C7 Display - E2
Andreas Mayer
Works fine

Thank you very much!


Great replacement for my twisted fork. Installing was easy.

Dangerous when it goes bad

This will be the 2nd throttle in one year. And when it goes bad, the spring stops working that keeps it disengaged.
The first time this happened, I flipped the biked over and it landed on its side with the back wheel spinning.
This time, it went full speed with me on it through a crowd of people. Thankfully the only one hurt was me with bruises from the seat and handlebars.
This throttle is a bad and dangerous design because when it wears out, the throttle is stuck fully engaged!